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We are dedicated at Bailess Smith PLLC to protecting the employment rights of workers and those who have been seriously injured. If you would like to know your rights, please contact us for a free consultation at 304-342-0550.

At Bailess Smith PLLC, we take great pride in being responsive to our clients and providing the individualized attention their cases deserve. We recognize the importance of being accessible to our clients to address their questions and concerns.

Our law firm is highly skilled and knowledgeable in employment law and we handle a variety of issues arising out of the workplace including, sexual harassment, wage payment and collection, wrongful discharge, and workplace injuries.

Bailess Smith PLLC has also been successful in representing those who have suffered serious personal injuries from auto accidents, falls, incorrect filling of prescription drugs, and nursing home abuse.

If you have issues arising out of the workplace or have suffered injuries and would like to discuss them with an attorney, please contact Bailess Smith PLLC at 304-342-0550.

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